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LinearX is currently the most advanced headphone design, with precision, exquisite, grand and stable as the main sound features, to meet the various needs of the enthusiasts who use headphones.

1. The most pleasant sound Class A single-ended design, power tube is the "Emperor of the Vacuum" 300B, an output transformer specially designed for headphones, which can ensure the driving of various kinds of earphones, achieve a good impedance matching, and drive the various types of headphones on the market without any burden.

2. The use of bile rectifier and biliary regulator technology can provide a constant operating voltage for all electronic tubes, ensuring high sound stability, precision and stability.

3. 300B power tube operating current is manually adjustable to ensure that the electronic tube works in the best state, manually change the power tube current, but also for the use of headphones for flavor adjustment and music type adaptation.

4. The uncompromising material used to contribute to reasonable design. LUNDAHL Balanced Input Transformer, Mundorf Gold Oil Capacitor, Mundorf Electrolytic Capacitor, RA Resistor, EIZZ Stepper Potentiometer, Neutrick Balanced Input/Output Terminals, WBT Input Terminal and a series of high-quality components, supplemented by internal silver wire Cross-linking and scaffolding welding with the most direct circuit connection provide extremely high-quality internal electrical characteristics, ensuring the lowest loss of sound signals. The whole band of the electronic tube itself has good linear amplification capability without negative feedback, which largely ensures the lossless amplification of the source signal and high-speed signal response capability. Provides a transparent and highly transient sense of hearing.

5. In order to meet the needs of headset enthusiasts, LinearX offers two balanced XLR inputs, two single-ended RCA inputs, one balanced four-pin headphone output, one dual dual-core balanced headphone output, and two sets of 6.5 single-ended headphone outputs. A set of balanced XLRs and a set of single-ended RCA preamp outputs.
Output impedance: 30~300ohm, 300~600ohm
Output power: 9W x2 RMS 1kHz
Frequency: 6Hz-55kHz -3dB(1W)
Distortion: <1% (5W, 1KHz)
Signal noise: 85dB
Input interfaces: 2 groups (RCA),2 groups (XLR)
Output interfaces: 1 group (RCA),1group (XLR)
Headphone output: Dual 3-pin XLR (left and right channel), 4-pin stereo XLR, 6.5mm jack
Input Impedance: 100K
Consumption: 160W
Vacuum Tube: 300Bx2,5U4Gx1,6SL7x3,6AS7x1
Dimension: 430(L) x 385(W) x246(H) mm
Weight: 26kg
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